What kind of companies do we refer to when we speak of International Niche Market Leaders? (Part 1)

Since 2013, Orkestra-IVC has been studying the phenomenon of “International Niche Market Leaders” and the strategic modus operandi that underpin their remarkable market positions. First results of this research line have been used for a dedicated chapter in the 2015 edition of the Informe de Competitividad, which received critical acclaim from academia, policy makers and representatives from the business realm. Press coverage has also been above par, with references to our work from regional, national as well as international new agencies.

Still, particularly when we encounter persons that took notice of our work on the basis of reading press articles, it seems that not everybody automatically understands what kind of companies “International Niche Market Leaders” stand for.

Therefore, in the following we attempt to set the record straight. (más…)

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